The ratio in drink driving cases has increased with time and any people face drink driving convictions. This is very dangerous and risky for the driver himself as well as the people sharing the neighbourhood with such a person. People who are in to drink driving usually forget about the penalties they are going to face due to this dangerous act. There are several organizations authorized by Government bodies to help people recover from drinking habits. Behaviour change programs like drink driving course Vic and Vic roads behaviour change program are working on a large scale in this domain.

Drink driving is a very serious issue and a person who is facing prosecution due to this may know the expected penalties if they lose their case, it may also result in loss of driving license.

Offences and penalties due to drink driving:

When a person is charged due to drink driving the offences may include driving or attempting to drive a car when the alcohol proportion in his breath, blood or urine is exceeded with the limit that is prescribed by the officials. If a person fails to provide the specimen also falls in the category of culprits and they have to face the same penalties. The penalties in this case varies from ban of driving license to imprisonment from 3 to 6 years.

Things that can reduce drink driving penalties:

After a person is charged with drink driving case, he is advised to take behaviour change program drink driving and other behavior change programs in melbourne. Drink driving course Vicor in other words Vic roads behaviour change program offer variety of courses and programs for such people, and it guarantee required results. The completion of these Vic roads behaviour change programs successfully lead to the minimization of the disqualification up to one fourth of the total period.

There are some special cases which can also help minimize the penalty or even do not let you fall eligible for penalties. If you fight your case with an experienced solicitor who has good experience of dealing drink driving cases, you can convince magistrate in the disqualification period before the announcement of your penalty in case of any special condition. These special conditions can be any health emergency, covering a short distance in your vehicle, lace drinks or if you are on a medication. These are some of the situations in which your solicitor may get a chance to fight for the minimization of your penalty.

The organizations which provide drink driving course Vic or behaviour change program drink drivingalso offer you to hire their services to fight your case after the successful completion of behaviour change programs.  These companies hire experienced and skilful solicitors who have good background of winning in field of drink driving cases, the services of these solicitors can be easily hired by contacting these companies.For more information, please visit