You would be well knowledgeable on the multiple facets in connection with your vehicle, one of these relates to the axle weigh pads which could be imagined by you as being of low weight, and as movable scales that could be employed in relation to the identification of the weight that is placed on the axle of a vehicle. There are some facts that you need to keep in your esteemed mind in connection with the weigh pads, especially prior to carrying out a purchase of them. The elements comprising the level of fuel, the accumulated mud in addition to the ice in addition to the suspension of the trailer that operates on surfaces which are not even, could mean that there would be a difference in the readings relating to the weight that would be taken regarding each axle and that they may not be precise. In such a scenario, it is highly recommended not to depend upon the reading of weight and you should be going all out for a check in connection with the sample of weight computations in comparison to a substitute method for weighing.

Weight calibration

It could be the observation in common that the shippers place the containers in direct contact with the pads themselves-though axle weigh packs have not been designed for such a treatment rather they are made for the tires of rubber to roll over them. You could have an idea about the impact of the containers on the pad by imagining the loudly audible sound of a thump that is produced when the containers are put on the ground with the help of the giant cranes. Thus, placing a container in such a fashion onto the weigh pads will cast a highly negative impact upon the calibration associated with the load cell and, therefore, lead to the accumulation such output regarding the weight that would be highly inaccurate. It should be retained by you within your esteemed mind that since the weigh pads do not possess the capacity to become adjusted, therefore, they are not appropriate devices in connection with weighing the containers with regard to a terrain that is rough.

Gross weight

In addition to the aforementioned, if you set up the axle pads so as to weigh the containers on uneven ground, you could just be risking loading simply a pair of pads or a maximum of three. Moreover, the rated capacity with reference to a single pad could get exceeded. Once again, this happening could mean that the pads are not in the position to lead to the generation of a gross weight. It is looked forward to that you would refer to the present composition with regard to your decision on the axle pads.