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Company picnics have become a tradition in the workforce for many years and since many of the traditional aspects of this event has continued to past through time many individuals would believe that planning such an event would be an easy feat. However, it is not easy as it sounds because the planner does not only have to keep the employee’s enjoyment on mind but they also have to focus on the employee’s families because one has to ensure that these individual’s needs are also met and that they are having fun. style=”float: right;” title=”bands for hire.jpg” src=”/userfiles/bpimages/bands for hire.jpg” alt=”bands for hire” width=”153″ height=”153″ />

Hence it is understandable that many individuals would feel overwhelmed and stressed when planning this event. However, although it is understandable there is no need for these individuals to experience these feelings because if one begins to plan this event properly they would realize that it does not have to be an overwhelming task and in order to illustrate this point the following article will go on to explore some helpful tips regarding the planning process.

Create a Budget

The first step would be to sit with the senior management of the company in order to determine how much they are willing to spend on this picnic because this amount would determine everything from the venue to the corporate entertainment Brisbane that they would hire. Thus, one can only begin the planning procedure once a budget has been created and it has been approved by the senior management.


This first big decision that one has to make with regard to this day would be the venue because in most instances is not possible for one to host the picnic at the company’s premises therefore that would mean that one has to scout other locations. Ideally one should consider an outdoor park, however, before making any final decisions one should make sure whether any permits or licenses are required to host this event at this location.


As this event is open to both the employees and their families it is crucial for one to make sure that each and every guest is properly entertained. This means that one should consider hiring one of the bands for hire Brisbane or even a DJ to play at this event because music is a crucial part of any picnic. Furthermore, one should also consider hiring magicians or balloon makers for children. If the organizer or the event planner for this picnic strives to follow the aforementioned article when planning this big day they would come to realize that the planning process is not as overwhelming as they may have thought.